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2019 Cupid's Battle

2019 Tournament Information

Through circumstances beyond our control, we have been finding replacement gyms to some we lost last week.  I will post venues tomorrow.  SRVA will release the schedule Thursday. 

We would like to thank everyone for your patience.  If you have not done so, please register your team(s) with RoomRoster.  This will be our tournament management system for tournament information.  It will also assist you in your hotel needs if that might be the case.

2019 Cupid's Battle

Registration:  All teams must officially register through SRVA

Upon completion of registering and paying through SRVA, we would like to ask all teams register with RoomRoster.  This will be our online tournament management system.

Hotel Rooms: Checkout RoomRoster for your hotel needs!!  Sponsor Hotels with discounted rates have been coordinated for all travel teams attending Level Elite Volleyball tournaments.  

If any team and/or individual needs a room, we ask that all travel teams/individuals book their accommodations at either an existing Sponsor Hotel or by submitting your hotel request for any hotel in the market/area via the booking engine built into our tournament management system - EventConnect.

For clubs and teams requiring assistance selecting their team hotel, please contact or 1-888-723-2064

 Admission: $5 (ages 6 & under Free)

Tournament Shirts: Short Sleeve Shirts $15 (If you would like to email me a team order, I will hold those shirts out for you.)

If you need any help please fill free to email,

Determination of Playoff Teams

SRVA Handbook VII.B (Page 12-13)


Teams qualifying for the playoffs but tied for position only shall not compete in a playoff set to determine position.  Rather, each team’s position shall be determined by the priority system described below.  However, no teams shall be eliminated from the playoffs based solely upon points or a point system, except for the gold/silver format tournaments.  If there are more teams tied for the playoffs than there are positions, the tied teams will compete in a minimum number of playoff sets so that no team will be eliminated from the playoff based on points.

B.   IF TWO TEAMS ARE TIED FOR TWO PLAYOFF POSITIONS for the tournament championship, or when re-seeding four team pools to play extra/cross pool matches to meet the SRVA requirement that each team play at least eight sets per tournament] [Example: two teams advance to the playoffs for a tournament championship and the top two teams in the pool are tied]

NO PLAYOFF SET IS NECESSARY. INSTEAD, determine the higher-seeded team by:

1. the result of the match between the two teams, first on sets won and lost.

2. If the two teams are still tied, use the point percentage process [see below] using the match between the two tied teams. The team with the highest point percentage has the highest finish in the pool.

3. If the two teams are still tied, the higher seed is determined by:

            [A] best set percentage record using total sets played, and if still tied

            [B] highest point percentage using total sets played.

4. If still tied, a coin toss will determine playoff positions.

5. IF THREE OR MORE TEAMS ARE TIED FOR THE SAME NUMBER OF PLAYOFF POSITIONS for the tournament championship, use steps 3 and 4 above.

            **The team with the highest point percentage has the highest finish in the pool, the team with the second highest point percentage is second in the pool, and so on. All teams proceed to the tournament championship based in their finish using steps 3 and 4 above.

Note: Point percentage is determined by dividing each team’s total points scored by the total points scored by all the team’s opponents in that pool using all sets played. The team with the highest point percentage has the next highest finish in the pool.

Set percentage is determined by dividing the sets won by each team by the sets lost by that same team using all sets played.

Updates coming soon!